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Voice Security

There is a growing need for privacy in phone conversations in the modern digital world. With the proliferation of advanced hacking techniques available on internet and Spyware installed on smartphones, phone conversations are becoming increasingly susceptible to eavesdropping. There is currently NO technology available to secure your voice that is completely under the user’s control.

The KARMA Bluetooth headset is the first product to solve this problem by encrypting the phone conversation using a proprietary cipher algorithm at the hardware level. The voice is encrypted within the headset before it is sent over Bluetooth to your smartphone. This means that at any point along the route between two callers, the conversation is unintelligible. It can be decoded only by the receiving party with a similar headset using the same secret key.

In case the user does not want encryption or the calling party doesn’t have a similar headset, security can be disabled so the device operates as a standard Bluetooth headset.

Ask yourself the following

• Have you struggled to remember what each LED blinking combination means?

• Have you struggled to mute or hold the call using existing headsets?

• Have you struggled to operate the buttons after wearing the headset?

If the answer is YES, we introduce a new paradigm of a completely button-free, LED-free headset. It’s easy to control every feature with simple a finger swipe on surface of headset.

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How It Works

Steps to put the headset into security mode:

  • The user enables the security mode using a simple gesture
  • Each user enters a private key by typing an 8 digit numeric code. This key is used for generating the unique encryption certificate for the conversation.
  • In security mode the headset works much like any headset, except that your voice is encrypted and secured.
  • For the receiving party to listen to your call, he has to enter the same private key.

The Karma headset’s encryption will override all bearer, protocol, and encryption technologies used in the intermediate route, so it can secure your conversation over any channel.

We are proud to introduce the world’s first Bluetooth headset with absolutely ZERO buttons and NO BLINKING LEDs. These gestures will complement the user experience for the current wave of smartphones.

Secure/Unsecured mode

Three swiping loops & tap

Done with Call

Single swipe loop


Two swipe down/up


Swipe Up/Down


One swipe loop & tap

Volume Up/Down

Single swipe up/down

Power On

Open the slider

Power Off

Close the slider


Q. What if the other caller does not have a Karma headset?

There is always an option to talk in UNSECURED mode just like any other headset.

Q. Why is voice encryption on Bluetooth headset better than the smartphone itself?

Smartphones will always be susceptible to viruses, hackers, spyware and malware because of their direct Internet connection. You may have heard about the ‘GPS location tracking’ stories. This happens because OEM vendors, or any external entity, can reach your device from the internet and install anything they want. Our Bluetooth headset does not present any opportunity to install anything because it does not have data connection to internet.

Q. What do you mean by “phones are inherently susceptible to spyware or malware”?

A. If you can browse the internet from your phone, anybody from internet can reach your device just like they can your computer.

Q. Why do you mean by ” Karma is malware or spyware safe”?

A. The Karma headset is a closed system. It does not have Internet access or any public API .
It is just like your old analog landline phone which can only be used for voice.

Q. What if I forgot the shared secured key?

A. You can always reset the key and share the new one with the called party.

Q. Can the multi-party audio conference call be run as secured conversation?

A. Yes, as long as all the parties involved are using the same secret code.

Q. What kind of services will be offered for enterprise clients?

A. We have a couple in mind, but we want to focus on getting the Karma headset out first.

Q. Does it support Auto-pairing?

A. Yes, much like any existing headset.

Q. What are the device specifications?

A.  Here they are:

  • Karma voice encryption ™
  • Gesture based control
  • Sliding Microphone
  • KarmaPrompts ™
  • Dual microphone for Voice clarity
  • Auto Pairing
  • Auto Volume Control
  • Echo, Noise and wind protection
  • Weight: ~10g
  • Rapid Charge support
  • Dimensions: 51x17x7mm
  • Talk Time ~5 hours, Standby Time ~6 days
  • Battery Type – Li-ion polymer
  • Ear hooks
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR+eSCO+SSP, HSP, HFP

Q. How many device colors will there be?

A. We are starting with two colors: Jet black and White.

Q. How long does the battery last?

A. The rechargeable battery keeps Karma going for 6+ days in standby mode and 5+ hours of talk time.

Q. How do you charge it?

A. We include a special USB cable. You can charge Karma using your computer or any wall USB charger.

Q. Which devices is it compatible with?

A. Most of the modern smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, or Palm phones). Basically any phone which supports Bluetooth version 2.1 or higher can be used with the Karma headset.

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